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I'm a problem solver.

I am a self-taught 3D artist with a love of all things 3D. I have been working in the packaging industry for over 10 years designing for the liquor, cosmetic, fragrance and numismatic industry.
A strong focus on manufacturing knowledge allows me to target design that will be tangible, compelling and most importantly, manufacturable.


  • Very proficient in creating photoreal Images in Blender

  • Other softwares I used include the following to varying degrees of proficiency: 

    • Cinema 4D​

    • Modo

    • Photoshop

    • Illustrator

    • After effects

    • Affinity Designer

    • Affinity Photo

    • Substance painter

Skills in my current position.

  • Modelling, texturing and rendering photoreal visualisations to help clients make informed decisions.

  • Consulting with project managers and manufacturing teams to ensure designs are manufacturable before sending to the client.

  • Assisting project managment teams to make decisions on projects that do not require design work.

  • Developing and maintaining data storage systems for the design team to ensure efficient workflow.

  • Ensuring time tracking is done on a project by project basis for efficiency analysis and project costing.

  • Spotting and solving potential problems in the manufacturing phase of projects while still in the design phase.

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